Study for exams more efficiently.

Midterm Pro is a note-taking app designed to assist with exam preparation, particularly for exams that necessitate memorization.
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Go beyond simple note-taking by helping you commit information to your brain.

How Midterm Pro can help you:
You feel uncertain about how well you've memorized your learning materials.

Utilizing the cloze tool within the system enables you to quickly generate quizzes that directly test your recall, thereby enhancing your confidence when taking exams.

You find yourself repeatedly reviewing the same set of notes.

By indicating your level of confidence for each note, you can easily identify which ones require further review and which ones you've already mastered.

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You don’t have time to craft exam notes.

With Midterm Pro, you can work together with your friends and save time and effort by collaborating on exam preparation.

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You learn from handwritten notes and/or textbooks.

Using our integrated scanner, you can scan and import notes from your textbooks or personal notebooks.

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Stay ahead of the curve. Avoid last-minute cramming!

There are more.
Dark mode

Our integrated dark theme is perfect for facilitating productive study sessions, even during the late hours.

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Markdown syntax

Markdown syntax allows for quicker and more efficient note-taking and formatting.

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